i went on facebook and saw this

but all my brain registered was

what shows are you watching this season? are you watching any of the new ones?
Anonymous asked:

i’m not watching many shows right now because of how much i have to do with uni, so atm i’m only properly watching the mindy project and how to get away with murder…  i haven’t really checked out new shows. i can’t even be bothered to click download for gotham so i’m not gonna watch that. and all the other new ones like red band society, selfie etc just don’t seem like my type of show… so sorry, i wish i had a more interesting answer for you!

"You might not want to pull on that thread."

i like how steve rogers walks past some punks and notes that the neighborhood has changed before proceeding to wave at himself on a tv screen

GUYS i wanna get my hair buzzed, do you think it would look ok?? idk anything about face shapes and hair and i’ve had really long hair since i was a child, but i feel like changing it! it grows over an inch each month so even if i hate it, it won’t last a long time. what do you think? should i do it?

I have to take you on a ramble sometime, Doctor. Show you the sights.

this is the best anthem ever